Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!!!!!!

May 21st, 2009

Good, I’m coming home!

Every year around this days I usually go home to spend Christmas
With my family.

Tomorrow I’ll catch a flight to Asturias, so I’ll be offline
A few days in the north. For, it’s paradise to be
With the people I love in such a beautiful land.

I mean, before I leave I wanted to wish you merry Christmas, but I wanted to do it in a different way.

Since I’m not the “Christmas Card” type, I thought of uploading a photo session just for you, as a Christmas gift.
Merry Christmas for everybody, let the next one be a positive year, full of nice things for everybody and may all of you have a lot of sex, parties, and more sex! Meaning, I hope you’re all very happy!

I’ve got an angel with me 24/7!!!!!!

May 15th, 2009

I think I’ve got an angel looking after me 24/7.

Last Friday I went to Madrid.

Fuck, I had to go pick up someone in the south station of Madrid, then we went to my sisters’ to pick up something. Hours later I look at my bag and I see that someone’s already taken my wallet.
With everything I had inside (documentation, credit card, cash, etc.)

I don’t know when did they get it off my bag and then closed the zipper again, I just stayed a few minutes in that station.
So I spent the whole Friday in Madrid with the police and doing stuff.

In the night I got in the flight to Mallorca.

Saturday night I had to perform a strip tease show in a club in Mallorca, a couple of friends came to pick me up and take me there.
It was raining and I don’t know what happened, but the car started sliding and we fell into a ravine. It was just as if the car flew… in my head I thought right then that I would die there.

I mean, it’s a miracle I’m alive, and just remembering it scares me, and just to think that I was so close to dying is frightening. But thanks to my little angel that protects me, I’m alive and well.

This is so bold!

(I’ll leave you on a more positive note: this are some of my birthday’s pics)



We are all equal I think, what do you think?

May 11th, 2009

I think some comments are way out of line, like these: Go home; in the jungle we miss you; a south american with a blog when she used to eat bananas).

But now it’s my turn to speak and I haven’t got any necessity now or before to live in another country and much less, to leave my own country. If I’m in Spain is because I can do it ‘cause I have the money to live wherever I want to.

I think it’s really bold for you to think that all immigrants were starving in our countries and that’s why we’re here in Spain; but it ain’t like that at all and if I’m writing this in because I see you’re a bunch of retards. If I’m cool or not, it don’t matter, ‘cause you don’t know how I’ve been raised, I’m sure a lot of you would actually like to live the way I’ve lived then and now.

I get really pissed when I read comments out of line just because I’m from another country. A lot of people leave their countries for necessity, but that don’t make ‘em better or worse than any of you, does it? A lot of them leave it because they don’t want to live there anymore, and they want to know the world a bit better; these are people that have studied and have an education that many Spanish people would like to have, starting on hygiene. You people, that talk so much about filthy south Americans (as you call us), should know that we shower 3 or 4 times a day and that speaks for itself. I’m not saying this for myself since I’m not from South America, but if I were, I’d be proud. I wanna leave something quite clear: not every Spanish person thinks like that, so retarded and stupid, I’m just saying that you can’t judge someone because of where he’s from. Because I think we’re all equal, aren’t we?

(very son I’ll be uploading the pics of my birthday!)

A week full of exams and I have passed ‘em all! Woooow!

May 5th, 2009

Man, it’s been long! I’ve been so busy with my studies since I’ve had a week full of exams up til today.

When I have exam I really have a lot to study, and that makes me forget just about everything else. But now I can breathe easily: I have passed all the exams!!! Yeaaaaaah!!!

This weekend I’ll be partying, I need it after being the whole week among books. Well, I’ll be telling you all new stuff soon! A kiss for everyone!


April 29th, 2009


Last weekend I went to Madrid with some friends, we stayed in a hotel in downtown Madrid and of course, it had to be a luxury hotel.

A few hours later we went partying to a local live music club, where between the music and the drinks we started to get in the mood and in the end we ended up doing all kinds of things in my room. It was one orgasm after the other… we liked the experience so much that the last day we had a big orgy with all my friends hahaha, and I had a great time, as I always do… bold, isn’t it?

Monday I had to go to class and wow, I didn’t remember I had an exam, but man, I’m always with my head on the clouds… what are you gonna do!

In the afternoon after class I went to have an interview for gps, with my sis Salma de Nora, Nick Moreno, I mean it was great, I had a great time, it was absolutely funny, wait til you see it! hahaha.

Next day we had to keep shooting so we were there shooting for the entire week.

Here I leave you a brief account of every

thing I did this whole week. Kisses for everyone!

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I was expelled from my school for having a good time!

April 23rd, 2009

How bold, how bold.
Last Tuesday in my school something really unpleasant happened to me, but, at the same time, it was pretty funny, hahaha.

In my school there’s a teacher who really bores the hell outta me. She’s my Ethics teacher and her name is CARMEN and truth is that she’s, well, a little funny in the head. I had had an idea and I talked a group of friends into doing something when we next had a class with her. So, last Tuesday I offered them to go to the men’ toilet and do something something interesting, hahaha, how bold, and you betcha er did it when out teacher came to class and we looked at each other in order to escape class and boldly get away, hahaha. So it was super funny.

And when we got to the bathroom… we organized an orgy, I mean, one big orgy in the guys’ toilet, and we were having such a great time doing all that in the school!!! But we ran out of time and a professor came in. Wow, we were all naked, doing most everything with each other, our uniforms all piled in the floor. The professor stood at the door looking like “this can’t be happening”. We kind of lost the moment there, I was awfully embarrassed, you know, it’s too hard to be caught like that!

The professor gave us time to dress up and took right away to the headmaster’s office. There we were regrettably expelled for an entire week, man, and I’m still thinking that it isn’t fair what they did to us, we were just playing, it’s nothing wrong, is it?

Well, I have been doing my homework all week, so next Monday I can deliver everything, although I’ll be too ashamed to go and have them all staring at my face, but I’ve been masturbating the whole week in my home, so I can go more relaxed, man. You know what? It’s all the same to me, I’ll keep having hidden parties at school, so it has all been super pink hahaha, I’ve like it a lot and my friends liked it too, it’s been super cool.

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Man! A whole weekend partying! Awesome!

April 17th, 2009



NOCHE DE MIEDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This last friday I went to the movies to watch “EL DIARIO DE UNA NINFOMANA” (”Diary of a nymphomaniac”) which I loved! There were some scenes that got me super horny, I mean, so much that I actually had to go to the toilet to masturbate… wow, it’s just that I’m usually horny all the time and even more so with the movie, hahaha, I just couldn’t stop moving in the seat, being so hot.

Girls getting spied over here!!

After the movie and me getting relaxed from coming, I came home with lady mai and a friend to have a change of clothes and go partying.

Wow, and what a joy! We had the best of times, I run into a lot of friends in the same dance club we were and we all got together and we had a better time. Man, I even got to the club’s toilet at one point and I met a really hot girl there. We started talking and we ended up doing all kinds of things… uhhhhh right there in the club’s toilet. Hahaha, wow, what a pink night, I mean, bold and hurrayyyyyyy for everything!!!!!!!!!!!

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April 10th, 2009

Guys, I’m sorry, I truly get off the map and surround myself with books, I’ve been studying all week long, from school back home, and so on the entire week.

That’s why I don’t get to write as many times as I would like to, for you, little fucking jerks, ooops! I’m sorry, I was so vulgar, I shouldn’t say that myself, hahaha, I’m so cute…

Anyway, people, it’s so weird to spend the whole week without going anywhere, studying, with no sex at all… fuck! Who the hell made a student and a slut out of me, all at once!

But, ha, I don’t know what I’m complaining about; I’ve got all I want and everything lies at my feet. Well, I’m gonna tell you what I did this weekend since I’ve spent last week playing good girl, hahaha, (thou I was touching myself every day, hahaha). Last weekend I arranged with a couple of friends to have a really good time… we did about everything, like, well, I mean… I better leave you some pics as a summary. Really cool and cute, ain’t it?

Bye, little jerks! Hahaha!


March 29th, 2009


Between school, the homework I get and this last week’s shootings, I haven’t had time to even take a breath, oh my!

I’ve been shooting with JP LOVE, LADY MAI, NOA, and my sis SALMITA, and two more girls whose names I can’t remember, well, I can’t remember everything, can I?

I mean, we’ve been doing some comedy scenes that are funny as hell; I had a great time doing that, as usual. I mean, I always have a great time when I’m working, you know? I LOVE MY JOB AND I LOVE MY LIFE, it’s all so beautiful, so pink! hahaha!

I’ll leave you some super cute pics of the shooting! Oh my!!!!!!!!!

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Venus Berlin, awesome festival!!!!!!

March 15th, 2009

VENUS BERLIN 2008, man, we had such a great time, partying all day! Wow, it was amazing since Venus is the biggest festival in Europe! Of course, I had to be there, it’s what I deserve (that and a lot more, don’t I?).

My sissies SALMITA, DUNIA MONTENEGRO, LADY MALA and ME have had an amazing time, I mean, we spent every day of the festival partying, Wow!

We’ve been shopping every day too and I’m always picking up my TOYS, such as my PINK DILDO that’s so cute and great for me, so I’ll be able to touch myself every DAY. Fuck, it had to be pink, right? Just thinking of my dildo and how cute it is makes me want to touch myself, haha, I just love all I can do with my dildo.

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